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Tonight we did everything but Ragnaros, which we wiped on for 2 hours. We got to the last phase once, where I foolishly stood a little too close to a meteor thing and when it bounced to turn the other way, it landed on me. After that the dps kept letting the fires touch the hammer which wiped the raid over and over.

But I picked up my Legwraps of the Cleansing Flame, Stinger of the Flaming Scorpion from Staghelm, and Heartstone of Rhyolith. I was asked to go disc for these fights, because my numbers look way better. I honestly do not understand how that can be. As holy I pepper people who I know will be taking damage with renew, keep prayer of mending bouncing around on the tanks, CoH when needed and PoH when that’s on CD, and depending on which chakra I’m in, I keep renew rolling with Serenity. As disc I keep 2 bubbles going usually, penance on CD, PoM on CD, and… I just spam PoH. Yes, I spam that one spells, which ticks of Divine Aegis and whatever else and my numbers are boosted a ton. Frustrating. I’m just glad I can cap with raids and don’t have to do 5 mans since I still prefer holy for that.

So, I respec’d my holy to pve disc. I’m back to disc/disc like in Wrath.

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