We tried Heroic Shannox tonight, and got him down to something like 12% when he just vanished and the raid ended. I was having difficulty healing the people getting raged so I was assigned to tank heal Pawpados, but after a few more wipes I offered to go disc, since absorbs seem like a better idea in the fight. It’s easier to see someone getting targeted and pre-bubble imo at least.

Our druid healer, Treecat left at some point, why I don’t know, so we 9 manned and 2 healed regular Shannox and Beth, both I did as disc. I wouldn’t really say I prefer it but it was my main spec all through wrath. The absorbs appeal to me. Anyway, I got the Funeral Pyre staff this time, which I’d like to use in my disc off spec and hopefully get a healing main hand to go with my healing offhand at some point. We tried Rhyolith a few times but I guess the dps just wasn’t there. I was really hoping to maybe get shoulders tonight but eh who knows.

Oh, and earlier in the week I did Cho’gall with Peejay, since I swore prior to the raid that Fall of mortality would drop, and it did. Only I rolled a 20. sigh.

Raid was called, and the druid never did come back online.

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