Reading Mail

I like how you actually appear to read, well, a map/mail, at the mailbox now.


Last night I ran Rbgs with the guild, and I sort of lost track but I think we lost 3 won 3, and I earned the Corporal and Sergeant title.  Everyone but me and Energizer had 0 rating though, and we were going against teams with anywhere from 200 to 1700 rating. Not that it matters much.


This morning I was asked by Retsy, a ret pally, to do some 2’s.  My requests to do 2’s has gone up quite a bit since I got this staff. I also did a few 2’s with Karma the other day but the first one we lost because I forgot to change specs and was in holy, the second was taking so long we just quit, then we got a fast one on a double dps team. I’m at cap but I did it anyway.

Then today while doing dailies this paladin started spam laughing and pointing at me, then started teabagging my feet, since I wasn’t dead.


Not sure what that was about, I don’t recognize the name.

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