Darkest / Oromist

Ran a TB today and we won.  And.. I swear Ladiesman has cloned himself or something.  I had a rogue named Darkëst (blood elf) keeping me on lock down and vanishing like he does at slags, then after the battle another BE rogue named Entergy was messing with me just outside the center area, vanishing, sapping me and then just doing nothing, somehow totally avoiding my aoe’s then sapping me instantly after.  I was amused by this and played along, not trying to damage them and just rotated my cd’s to survive, wasn’t that hard, feared them, MC’d a bit, etc.  I like playing with rogues!  XD


After that I wanted to try to pound out my CP for the week so a little reluctantly picked up another group with Pomstar.  The last time I ran with them, we got 2000 to 0 capped in Gilneas.  But I don’t feel like doing much else.  We stood around for some 30 mins trying to put together a group.

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