Baradin Hold

Did BH today, and borrowing Lemm’s luck, won the roll on the Ruthless Gladiator’s Drape of Meditation, yay! Now I feel a little better about not capping out my conquest last week. A little.

Anyway the first BH group I got in, we failed 3x in a row then everyone left. It was a combo of dps not killing the adds fast enough, and the shaman healer doing next to no healing. During the trash I was doing 16k heals and they had 4k, and during the boss I had 12k and they had 8k. But it was that kind of fight where I felt I was completely solo healing, despite what recount said. I did not see anyone getting healed, unless I cast the heal. I’m not sure how they got 8k heals, but the feeling I got was that they weren’t. The next raid was a pally healer and me, and we both had around 10k heals, but it was clear the pally was actually HEALING, and we one shotted that.

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