Rhyolith Down

I need about 250 vp to getting a new robe so I decided to do some of the Z dungeons.  Ended up with a cool group in ZA talking about Final Fantasy games.  And, I really, REALLY do not understand how anyone could have like FF8, much less label it their favorite out of all of them. I really can’t.  Characters were all awful, story was AWFUL, having to drain magic spells from mobs was tedious as hell. Ugh.

I’ve noticed a trend lately though, where people who cause wipes in a dungeon group, leave.  Like every time lately.  Today a DK pulled a pathing mob, got 2 of us killed and then left.  A warlock got us killed not one shotting a scout, and left.

Got my Robe of the Cleansing Flame after a really annoying ZG.  We wiped on the last boss 4x and the only reason it wasn’t a 5th was because I got body slammed every single time and I know what to do. And, you know what irony is?  Irony is having a tank who had to be taught the fight because he didn’t know it, tell the DK who also didn’t know the fight how to do it, and that DK who missed every single body slam, then tell ME when to stand in the bubble.

After about 2 hours on Rhyolith, we got him down, finally.  Think it mostly had to do with, well, a few things.  One was topping everyone off before the stomp, another was letting his molten armor stacks drop so the stomp didn’t bring everyone to their knees regardless of health.  So a combination of both of those things, after the stomp, healing was not a prob. Nothing for me dropped though.


Then we went on to try Alysrazor


but, yeah, huge movement fight.  It took me a while to figure out that to survive the massive tornados that all I had to do was basically run in a little looping circle, following a tornado, turn, follow tornado, turn, repeat.  Got her to about 60%.


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