Alright I saw Almasi with the new draenei hairstyle, at least I think it’s new, and I stole it! On both draenei!


But, to be fair, it looks similar to my dwarfs hair in Lineage 2, and I loved that hairstyle.

Ran two dungeons today, and man trash took so long on some encounters I nearly fell asleep while healing.  I don’t feel like doing any troll dungeons for a while so I’m doing regulars, but I end up carrying people in low gear.  It hasn’t been too bad but it often is as bad as raid healing.

A lot of people were looking for healers for RBGs  today, and unfortunately I picked the wrong group,  We had a 10 year old who kept asking what the strategy was before we entered anything, an idiot who couldn’t connect to the server, couldn’t change channels in vent, etc, and we lost Gilneas, which some people hated for some reason, by 2000.. to ZERO.  Yes, we had zero resources.  I logged out after that.  Half the group was supposed to stay at LH with me, I only had 2 people, we some how had 4 people mark themselves as healers, and no one was peeling the shadow priest who keep mcing me over and over. I mean after I realized no one knew what they were doing I just broke LoS, but damn.   I honestly don’t know what the problem is with Gilneas either, seriously, what? It’s just like Arathi to me.

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