I love Tol Barad

Did some herb farming, first in a while, did my Firelands dailies, shaman’s JC dailies, etc. Ran an EPIC TB today, omg. Ran to WV which was the last base we needed, ran right up to the flag where at least 15 horde were standing, feared, divine hymn’d, threw around my normal heals, feared, DID NOT DIE, and we took it. Left that base, harassed by a DK the entire time, ran back to the center questing area, then turned around and killed a low health paladin who started attacking me too. Freaking, EPIC.

Got picked up for a BH by Nish, who is in Void now. We one shotted that but I again lost the roll on the spell pen necklace, and leather dropped. Ugh. Got an offer from him on a raiding spot in that guild but I already have one. He was pleasant enough though I know he rages sometimes. I forgot to get the TB victory quest though, and Ladiesman has been running on his warlock, which isn’t nearly as fun as the rogue.

Been a bit curious about guild banks lately. In Bloodbathed since I was an officer, I had mostly full rights to the bank, could move, take out anything except money, don’t believe I could rename tabs though. That bank normally kept around 271k in it, but there were fights about keeping repairs on a lot. That bank was mostly full of not so useful stuff, and rarely did anyone contribute to it. Most of the tabs were mostly full and just, messy. I had guild repairs pretty much all the time.

Victory or whatevers bank had around 70k in it, I could see all tabs, and was highly organized and full of raid-useful items. I did not have guild repairs on either char when I was there.

Action Nine News had about 107k in it, and was just as messy at the BB bank, and I was blocked from 3 tabs. I do not have guild repairs as a raider.

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