I hate crafting for dumb people

I’ve been running bgs a lot lately, and I’ve been on a win TEAR, no matter what character I’m on. I don’t know what someone did, but I only lost 1 in about 10 battles so far today.

So, what is up with people being cheap, pushy and rude when they ask you to link a profession? I may have mentioned that spat I had with Darthedwards a few months back, when he basically wanted me to provide him tailored 359 pants, and wanted me to supply my own mats, all free to him. Is that worth it to me? No. We’d have to be pretty good friends for that, and such friends, don’t cheap skate like that.

My story today is from a level 25 rogue named Sneakykillz who wanted me to make him a Glyph of Backstab, he said he will buy the mats. First he asked me to invite him. Why he couldn’t, I dunno. Then he asked me to come to him. Normally this would be a sign to just /ignore because it’s going to be a waste of my time, but occasionally I put up with obnoxious people to see what they will pull. I followed them to the inscription trainer, and they said they could not buy midnight inks. Then told me to follow them to the AH. They did not find any inks on there, so said they would pay 9 gold for the glyph and “is that fair?”. I pointed out that the glyphs were going for 59g on the AH. They replied “god I dnt have tht much and tht is bc ppl are greedy” then said “yes or no”. I pointed out that ink requires farming or buying of herbs, then milling them. But, for kicks I said I would check if I had any ink. They replied that, nevermind, they can just get someone ELSE to do it. Then I called them a pushy ass rogue and no I didn’t have any of those inks. Some people. Yeah lemme make something for you, someone I do not know, with my own mats, and take a huge loss on it. Why would I do that?

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