Action Nine News

So in the last few days I tried the new  BH raid, Occu’thar.  We had a good group, and although it took us like 5 tries to get it down, everyone was working well together to figure it out.  I always feel watching and reading about the raids is all good but you still have to do it and work together.


Then I joined up with Action Nine News to be on their raid team that goes Fri/Sat 8 to 12.  Those hours work well for me, and 2 days a week raiding I like too.


We tried this guy, Lord Rhyolith, but did not get him.  But, spending an entire night wiping, on new content, is nothing new.  Cauldrons were always set out, fish feast, and everyone was back in and ready to pull again within 1-2 mins after each wipe.

I ran arena with Leonz and although disc/ret pally is just not a good comp in general, we got enough points, combined with my arena points, for me to get my new shoulders.  And after that raid last night I ran TB and ran into Rayzo.


We had a little joke at Slags when everyone left us there, and I said “we got this” then clarified to mean that “by got this I mean, we’ll both get it in the ass in a few minutes” then being a typical rogue, he joked and said it would be just me because he’d vanish and leave my ass there.  Rogues ah, love them.  He didn’t though, and when 20 horde rolled in and kicked out ass he died too, but claimed it was only because he was DoT’d and didn’t have cloak up.  Suuure. But I have a new rogue fan, it looks like, so I’m happy.


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