Last night we started late, because it was scheduled at 8:45, and didn’t pull until around 9:15. Since we end at 11, this seems to late for me, but whatever. Because of this we tried heroic Maloriak twice, then did it on normal, then tried Heroic Atramedes twice, then the pug paladin (Ladegaga) logged and we called it around 11.

Maloriak dropped the Jar of Ancient Remedies which is the first time I’ve seen it, and I’m still crabby about needing to use a roll system, with pugs in the group. Not seeing an item for like 5 months and maybe losing it to a pug, is dumb. They said it’s not that good but I wanted to try it over my Mandala of Stirring Patterns. I should get a DMC Tsunami but, well, maybe later.

My earlier crabbiness about raids is mostly tied to the premise that, I don’t want my game time wasted. If we’re not doing Cho’gall, Alakir, Nefarion, and not trying heroics, I don’t want to raid any more. I’ve done normals for months, I don’t want to do them any more. And taking an hour or more to form up, where I am forced to sit in raid, and not do dailies, is just wasting my free time. But I’ve decided if the RL won’t call it, I’ll just call it for myself. If we aren’t pulling by 30 mins after the starting time, I’m gonna log and do something else.

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