Left Bloodbathed and Beyond

Ran rated bgs today with mostly Action Nine News, since they were looking in trade for a healer. Ran with Soanso who did the trade spamming, Bremen, Attica, Swan, Yeesha, Engelizer, Yuliana, Mauker, Gorgor. Lost AB, won next AB, won TP, lost Gilneas, won Gilneas, won TP. So 4 wins 2 losses and got cap. I was already near cap thanks to VP to CP trades counting towards your cap, but still I prefer healing larger groups.

I also, yesterday, dropped guild on all my characters. Having so many raids cancelled, running with almost an entirely new team, poor participation when I needed a dungeon run, being afraid to ask in guild for a dungeon run since the bads always wanted to come with… just had enough. Also annoying, having the last 5 “heroic” runs either cancelled or turned into normal runs, well, was tired of it. We weren’t going to get any new recruits messing up normal runs so bad either. I just saw a continual loop of getting nowhere is all.

Being guidless opens one up to annoying random invites from low level guilds with no raids done at all. Had one level 2 guild ask me to join and said they could convince me to join, I said I already see you’ve done no raids (not doing that again) and they said we’re raiding right now DUH. See, you already had me at “no raids down” but the duh really topped it. Had another guild just throw me an invite and basically said I should just join because they are awesome. Yes, well, you also have no raids down.

Swan from Action Nine News told me I could join as a casual though, which means there is not a raid spot that needs filling. Their raiding times from wowprogress wouldn’t suit me anyway, I don’t raid on Tuesday and starting at 7:30 wouldn’t work for me. But they are level 25 and good raiders, so the first good offer I’ve gotten. But I’d really need another guild of similar raid times that I had, like 8-11 or 12 fri/sat and maybe a wed/thur. I don’t know. I feel bad about quitting but the frustration I was getting from raiding wasn’t worth it.

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