You can’t raid logged off

Today as I was hanging out joking with Sarth and Acks, Leonz said “you are all ghey”, gquit and logged out. No warning, nothing. He logged back in much later but did not respond to pm’s from me, Acks, Lahtera, etc. Found out from Peejay that Leonz joined up with Victory or Whatever already. When I asked Peejay why, since he didn’t tell anyone, it went back to the issue of not getting in raids.

Sigh. People, you have to show UP, for raids, to RAID. Not scheduled to raid? Well you can’t be invited if someone didn’t show up, if you AREN’T ONLINE. There’s been like 3 weeks lately were we were short a dps, a tank, a healer. We had to pug them from trade because no guildies raid-ready were available. And besides that Leonz told me that he couldn’t show up at 8pm raids because he had something to do at that time. So, wth? Seriously? This is the second time I’ve heard of people upset they don’t get in raids, then decline raid invites, don’t show up for scheduled raids, AND tell me or another officer that they CAN’T MAKE THE RAIDS. 9 other people can’t work their schedule around 1 person who occasionally shows up. I was fing pissed. /rant

He told me later, when we grouped for 3’s with Rashill, that he thought it would be a funny exit and decided raiding with another guild would work out better. Ok, well, ugh. Men.

Ran a normal heroic with Arkwin, Seyfer, and Ith and got HoO, and did a crap ton of healing for whatever reason, but I think it was due to Arkwin being new to tanking since he went on his warrior. We got it done pretty fast though and I logged.

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