Changes to the Tol Barad Guards again

Tonight I queued with Leonz and got one of the new instances, uh, whatever one Hakkar use to be at. I can thank Arashikage, even though I haven’t seen him in ages, for taking me through here before it was ever revamped.

We got the first boss down ok, with me doing about 9k heals (any more would have been stupid), but the boss where Hakkar use to be, we died over and over from the same mistake, repeatedly, which was me getting targeted by 10 mobs and dying instantly. After about 5 deaths I said I quit and left party. It was late, and having 60g in repairs or whatever from a damn instance pissed me off.

The TB guards have been buffed, so if someone attacks you from range, near the guards, they will run out and kick their ass double quick. I found this one when Ladiesman was standing a safe distance from them, and I tossed a SW pain on him, and they shot him, netted him, and beat him to death. So apparently they don’t even have to touch you, for the guards to pay attention. Very nice, I like it. I did not MEAN to get him killed though I honestly had no idea that was tweaked.

Besides that I am noticing some annoying little issues in the new instances and in general. If I am moving and stop, and try to cast a heal or something, half of the time it tells me I can’t do it while moving even though I’ve already stopped. It does this sometimes even when I am just turning my view around. Also when I died and went into SoR, a few times I either couldn’t cast any heals at all because it said I was OOM, it said the skill wasn’t ready yet, or it let me crack off one flash heal, then the buttons did nothing afterwards and I just hung there like a dope until the spirit ran out. Between that and dying so much through no fault of my own (or Leonz for that matter) I got irritated and logged out.

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