Problim in the Alliance Camp

Some horde trained Problim all the way to the alliance camp the other day, which, wow, I didn’t know he would path that far.



So few things, honor has been boosted with the new patch quite a bit


Acks on his hunter named his pet after me


I had an epic TIE game in Twin Peaks where I solo killed a mage and a hunter myself as well.

Last night we tried Heroic Halfus but only gave it 2 tries, then buzzed all the way through to Cho’gall, and I finally got my healing offhand from the Ascendant Council, and got my T11 shoulders, for my 4pc bonus, from Cho’gall.


The shoulders are still ugly.   I was told again my healing is too low, again with comments prior to Cho’gall that we would never be able to heal it unless we had such and such disc healer, etc.  After the raid I was asked to talk to that healer, who doesn’t play holy, so I don’t see how that would help.  I did redo my spec slightly, removing talents that don’t matter any more like the one that lowers the reuse on chakra, and changed two glyphs to have more charges on lightwell, and the 60% boost to the first ping of prayer of mending.

I sent Zukk, that orc unholy DK a message on my horde, with my usual “damn you’re a beast huh” message on it.  They replied that it’s nice to get a good message and not the usual “u suck” stuff.

At my last TB I also ran into Soundwave, a horde paladin I use to see in WG a lot, and also Shayo, who I haven’t seen since WG I think either.

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