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Got in a BoT raid tonight but half of the people appeared to not know the fights, and every pull was slower than hell. A warrior admitted he had no idea what to do at the start but when people asked if anyone knew it, kept quiet.

We lost the druid healer (had 5 druids) before council and another disc priest came in. Their top three heals were PW shield (a whopping 24%) flash heal, and renew. Ok? Mine were penance, divine aegis, prayer of healing. Anyway we wiped on that fight twice then the disc priest left and a dps left. They kept insisting everyone get in vent and I said I did not need to. Anyway we did get some Cho’gall but no trinket.

My Trinket Luck

Got a Cho’gall kill today with a group run by RS, but lost Fall of Mort to a paladin I didn’t even know we brought for healing. Sigh.

Watching people form raids gets kind of depressing. Everyone is LF healer, all the time, or tanks or course. What if we want to dps? Sometimes I want to let someone else worry about healing.

Fail BoT

Ran a fail BoT with Maice today, half the people had never even been in the instance, and at the start I was the ONLY HEALER. Then the other priest went atonement healing and we wiped on Halfus, then barely got him down the second time. At the dragons half the raid died almost instantly and I just logged after that.

There there

Bakstabz and Ladiesman came to SW the other day and spent a good amount of time killing the npcs, and trying to kill me, since I went to go find them.  We ended up in the tram and the way he fell was weird so I took a picture since after all, he rarely dies.


I also got in a BoT raid and it’s even more frustrating now to think about the good team I don’t have any more.  We had to wait for some dumb healer to finish questing before we got going.  Sorry but, you are making 9 people wait on you, quest some other time.  We wiped on trash once when absolutely no one was doing any form of CC, and people died multiple times at the start again by not ccing or getting out of the way.  I started copping an attitude during this.  For example at the START we had 2 people die.  They should have released and ran back in, but instead laid there dead the entire time waiting on a rez.

We got down Halfus then the dragons, but on council not only did no one interrupt the Hydro Lance, but no one switched to the flame guy and he got off at least 4 bursts which killed nearly everyone.  I commented that someone needs to interrupt the Lance and the mage said they were doing it but was “dead by then”.  I said well the lance landed every single time it was cast, which meant not a single person interupted it once, and they were not dead the ENTIRE TIME.

When we ran back in the shaman healer left, then a bunch of people went afk.  20 minutes after that we got a healer but then two dps dropped.  I ended up saying I was sorry but this was taking far too long and I could not wait on 2 more dps.  And I have to admit I am overly harsh, I guess you could say, to people playing mages.

‘She likes her gear and she gets it when it drops…’

Tried some 3’s with Karma today with a feral druid but we lost every single match but 1. Went on my shaman and got 1000 conquest points before I gave up, since we were losing a TON. Went back to the priest and helped him get like… 6 wins? I forget.

Earlier ran a BoT with mostly VoW and lost the roll on the Fall of Mortality as usual. But when everyone (6 people) roll on it, and the RL wins and gives it to his GF, well, I was pissed. Not for me because I was like 3rd highest roll, but for the person who really should have won it. That was some shit.