Resident is a Jerk

Logged in and asked if anyone wanted to do a random. No responses. Got picked up by Peejay for his second group raid, and since we didn’t raid, I went and got Atramedes down but did not get Chimaeron.

Resident is still telling people who join to “get out” and the guys seem to think she and I have a big problem. Not really, but when you log in, say bitchy things in guild including a “meh” about whether or not the guild is helpful, and don’t participate in raids, don’t give to the guild bank, don’t run bgs/arena/dungeons with random guildies, I start to think you may be more trouble than it’s worth.

After my raid I asked again about a random and went with one of our druids, Maice, SJ on his rogue. I’m close to getting my t11 robe that has crit rating instead of mastery, which I don’t want. My current robe is actually better, IMO, but no tier bonus.

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