Last night we did BWD with 4 pugs, two of which ended up joining the guild. I’m not sure if that was because Jan was trying to enforce loot council on half pugs or because they liked us. I’ve said time and time again I really don’t like loot council, I’m ok with rolling MS need, OS need, greed, etc even in a group with the same people. Then you can’t very well get bitchy that someone made a decision you did not like, because a roll is a roll.

We got three bosses down then failed repeatedly on Atramedes. We had two shamans healing so I was tank healing on disc this time but I felt like I had to do quite a bit of raid healing as well. One of the shamans, Fatalty, was being quite the douche during some of the fights by yelling that people needed to get in his range to heal, screaming MOVE MOVE when he was targeted with the flame on Atramedes, etc. Funny how when I heal with Nilv and Almasi, range isn’t a problem, we just all spread out to be in range of everyone.

At one point during the raid that guy casually mentioned he was streaming our raids, which he did not ask beforehand if it was ok. I record myself playing so, I really didn’t have a problem with it, and his video was not working so he was just streaming vent. However a few people took issue with it and asked him to stop. He took it offline, which I was watching on my second monitor, then brought it back up shortly after. They told him again, to turn it off. He did for a few minutes then turned it back on again. He was told if he didn’t stop he’d be booted from the raid, so he was, and threw a fit asking what the big deal was, he was trying to get his video working, blah blah. Well the point was, you were asked by the RL to stop, and didn’t. He raged in vent before leaving, including a ‘fuck you guys” and such. Class act.

I’m beginning to think that Maloriak will never drop my trinket too.

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