Well placed mushrooms

Some other miscellaneous things, there are now two other blood elf rogues showing up in TB sometimes, Treasonn and Bloodyslayer, who liked to try to kill me a lot.  Try, neither has done it yet.

Then I ran into Ladiesman outside of Stormwind


along with that warlock, Bbqtwilight, something like that, who I killed solo.  Ended up going to Cut-throat alley in the Dwarven District which I didn’t know about before, and just wasted all night talking, that day.

And this, just made me laugh.


Last night we did BoT from the start again, got to Cho’gall but it was clear the dps just isn’t high enough.  The fight was taking 8-9 minutes with him only down to 20% and at that point, I’m completely  OOM.  According to Peejay it should take around 6-7 minutes for the whole fight.

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