Today I randomly made a new friend, while hanging out in TB at Slag.  Acks (warrior), who was turned into a BE, started dancing with me out of boredom, I returned the favor, they commented that my gear was nice, etc.


Bunch of horde ran in, we held off for a while, started talking back and forth about pvp and such, apparently they have played since classic, had a paladin, has raided, likes to pvp and arena, etc.  They dropped out of their level 3 guild, Exalted with Repairbots, and I invited them since I got a good vibe.  We talked a good part of the rest of the day, including running a few BGs, TB dailies, and WG together.

Ran a few arena with Peejay today also, and came short by about 50 points for my ring, since it was around 5 and he had to go, and so did I.  The teams we had were quite hard as well.  I’m seeing a lot of fire mages in arena lately too.  Mages don’t cause too much trouble for me but the stun dragons breath does, is quite annoying.  Plus polymorph landing over and over with no chance to get out of it that many times is meh.  But, we did pretty good.

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