Bugged out Turret

Fished out in TB today to get enough raid food together, and ran into Acks, did some friendly insulting back and forth and such.  Also ran into an Arenamaster warrior, named something like Jonnyboy when getting into fights with Ladiesman.  I got a spriest killed by tempting them to come too close to the guards, who now have a more reasonable aggro range too.  My mage now has 5/5 vicious cloth pieces, weapon, off hand, wand, and will keep working on the rest of the items.  I am not that good as a frost mage really, maybe I’m set up wrong or something, because I don’t feel my damage output is really there.  I like my fire spec though, and I doubt I’ll go back to arcane if I ever raid.

During on of my WG runs, a persistent rogue kept breaking up my sieges, but at one point the turrent fell on the ground and I was still able to get into it and fire.


I was also the only person in the raid group, and for some reason, while I was running around looking for horde npcs to kill, I was removed from raid, for what reason I don’t even know, though I got to stay in the area.  Alexmx came with and was in his own separate raid too.  We didn’t take it this time.

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