This is why we lose

Ran BH today, and I am SO GLAD I did not buy my Vicious mooncloth gloves yesterday, because they dropped today! I am now at 5/5 Vicious pieces, and have only around 3 blues left to replace. Woot. Oh, and this is often why we lose TB so fast:


To point it out, I’m at Slag, with 1-2 other people.  There is NO ONE at Warden’s, and what looks like 2 people at icg.  And everyone else is in the middle, doing nothing.

Soulprince was bugging me again today to run a random with him which I said I could not, but agreed to queue up to make the run faster, though soon as we got Deadmines (AGAIN!!), the tank dropped, then when another came in I dropped, which booted him too. I forgot they fixed the queue cheating.  He also asked for money again to get gear and I said no, again.

Ran all 25 dailies today too.  First time I’ve done that.


And those Onslaught guys, I still hate them. Soooo much.

Ran Deadmines, (again!!) and got enough valor to buy my gloves and I have a 2 pc T11 bonus now.  The robe is even more poorly itemized than the gloves, so I chose to go with those first.

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