Whitemane Transmog

On my quest to pick up gear that looks like Whitemane’s, I do a literal quest and get to control a smaller Fel Reaver out in Shadowmoon Valley.  Fortunately for me, I had never finished these quests, or I would have thrown or sold the gear off long ago.


I also do a quest, and, I can’t believe I totally forgot the naga where all over Outland too.


and help rescue water elementals that they are torturing, along with some earth orc looking lady.  Why do I have to help horde sometimes? I don’t get it.   I pick up the gloves and bracers I need out here.

Then I head out to Tirisfal Glade, but before I get that far I am distracted by the Plaguelands, which I never finished before Cata, and pick up some quests from Thassarian, and end up fighting this guy, who is low level but still shows as ??? to me.  I get strangled up into the air, and Thassarian and Koltira come to save me.


This is the guy back from the DK quests I did on my BE DK.  Rawr


These two have some words about no longer being brothers as DKs and all, and he makes his stand as Alliance and Koltira as horde.  Then Thassarian whispers to me “You are not to speak to ANYONE about the agreement that was made today, Elleria.  Consider this an order from your direct superior.”.  Well, I’m not a DK, so really he’s not in charge of me.  But hey! I’d like to see two DKs fight again, like when Darion fought Orbaz.

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