Ran a WG today and was disappointed to see I was the only alliance in the group but the horde already had 4/24 vehicles and had 4 people out and about.  How does that happen?  We had 4 alliance get in and then just leave?  I ended up running into a paladin named Rinni, who is a member of the team I am on Leonz with.  We fought against a hunter, a warlock, and a paladin for quite a long while, and when I mentioned the unfairness of the situation, Janusz joined.


Things went better at that point and we ‘wasted’ the battle fighting 3v3 against Ukko, a shaman, a really bad rogue, and the warlock, until it was just down to the shaman and rogue against Jan and I.  We beat them down after that point.  We kept fighting for at least 20 minutes afterward just for fun and it turns out that Rinni knows Ukko. Small world. I mention that I’ve known Ukko since WG was the place to be and that I thought he was quite good.  Apparently he has a 2100 rating in 2’s.  We do some wargames, which I guess are like skirmishes, but get rolled every single time by Ukko and a paladin, who I learned are brothers.

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