I’ll combine two days of quests here. I got to do battle with that giant turtle out in Hyjal


and had a fun quest where I got to bop a Twilight member over the head with a black jack or something like that.


A bit after that I get to talk to an outhouse, which made me giggle thinking of the one in Grizzly Hills, which is holding Ortell, some kind of spy. Anyway during some of the initiation rites, which included putting out the flames on other initiates before they burned literally to death (they will die if you aren’t fast), and killing detainees that didn’t hack it with the cult.


I also get to put on my ogre disguise, this time in an ogre outhouse, to kill one of the cultists and make the ogres take the blame for it.


I also get to fight a giant member of the legion, which I assume is the burning legion, from Outlands. Makes me want to kill that Pit Commander now.


and give a speech, which is done based on the reaction of the crowd to rescue Jarod Shadowsong.


and a show down happens between ah, this.. giant guy, and our giant ancient turtle friend.


I only took one shot of this, because I was fraps’ing it, but we had a showdown between Cenarius, Malfurion Stormrage (who had pretty cool magic going on) and a third I can’t recall with Ragnaros.


Then I went to Darkshire and did a bunch of quests, and a few things of note.  The quest with Stalvan Mistmantle, well he’s no longer just out of sight in his house, ready to pounce on your ass the second you walk in (aww).  You now summon him with a ring, and then there is a fight between him and his brother, who gets cursed into a worgen.  This is new to cata.


also Abercrombie the Embalmer, is no longer in that shack by the Darkened Bank (I think that’s it).  He’s very close to town in a broken down tower, and I am quite sad-faced to report that now when you give the notice to the mayor about Stitches coming to down, Stitches immediately spawns just outside the city hall, with Abercrombie riding on his shoulder, and the town is ablaze.  Wahhh!!  I am just glad I got to experience the original version, which was when Stitches spawned at the shack, the guards of the town ran down the roads to meet him, and he took a very long pathing clear across the map to get back to the town.


Oh how I remember seeing those yells and diving off the road when he came by! but but, he doesn’t do that now!  That whole sense of OMG SOMETHING IS COMING is lost.  However, I understand why they did it, any higher level in the area would kill Stitches way before he got to town and sort of ruin it.  But man, that was epic.

Also the bad assed house that held Morbent Fel, no longer has him, just his hat.  That was probably my most epic, first time memory, of getting close to that house, the very air going dark around it, running up the stairs, and getting rofflestomped by a wizard with a shield on.  Scared the crap out of me. Unfortunately for that guy, instead of a wizard looking fellow, he now has a lich model.   He still has the shield but it looks silly because it doesn’t quite cover him, and he’s been put down in the crypt and you have to pass a level 25 elite just to get to him, through a ton of other mobs.   So, um, I don’t really get that change.

Mor’ladim has stayed the same as far as I could tell though.

After that ran a Twin Peaks already in progress and won, then won a IoC. Lost and won TB a few times.

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