Blizzard, how do I love thee, let me count the ways:


LOL  1




LOL 3, and the fact that Ragamuffins immediately swarm the bodies of the transients you are forced to kill and steal their shoes and stuff, is just precious.


Pure awesome, seriously!  And it doesn’t stop!


Alright back to other things, I didn’t realize you could pick up older pvp gear, and Leonz showed me a variation of my favorite armor, which is similar to what Bolvar wore at the Wrathgate.


I also queued for WG a few times, and one of those times it was just Rexe and I to start with.  Been wondering where Stout has  been during this, too.  Last logon, 25 days ago, and prior to that, a month gap or so? Getting worried TBH.

Back to questing, I feed the homeless out in Westfall, and the “grocery carts” some of them have is a nice touch.


I also get to see Ripsnarl in the stocks around the tower. This lady was bad assed, by the way, and she shoots 2 elite npcs guarding the tower you have to go into soon as they attack you, and whispers things like “boom headshot!”  and “not a chance”.


This reminds me of when this tower was for something else, a rogue quest I believe, when I first started playing.  I came to this tower which was surrounded by very difficult mobs and got myself killed (on my mage).  As I was running around as a ghost, I decided to go up the tower, where two NPCs were having a discussion.  I remember freaking out first, because I had never seen a scripted event in Lineage 2 like this, and because I thought they could see me as a ghost and was expecting to get trapped or something.

Back to Westfall stuff, you find out the lady, Hope, who gave you the stew for the poor people is really Vanessa VanCleef and she ties up everyone and her black guards set fire to the area. She rescues Ripsnarl also.


And, I can’t recall at what point I did it, but you also get to go into the Deadmines instance and view lower level versions of the bosses I have fought at 85.  You also get to see a recreation of adventurers killing Edwin VanCleef, only this time his daughter comes out and sees it.  Hm.  Boba Fett anyone?

Had quite the epic battle in TB today as well, I ran a few of them, but this one was a lot of fun and we did well on defense.


Ran arena with Leonz, and this time we had a loss due to a pizza delivery guy, but had some pretty good, long fights that turned into wins.  I did get SMOKED once by a priest who kept me feared, silenced and burned down in mp but overall, was fun and we made good use of our skills.

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