Like a Fart in the Wind

So, putting a few days together since I’ve been slacking. First a few quests that made me laugh again




Then I ran into Peejay, who apparently also collects npc gear, in Scarlet Crusader (or Onslaught think it’s the same thing) and switched to my mage in her stuff.


But, both Janusz and Leonz call him basically, a elitist, pompous, asshole.  I went in his guilds vent a few times, and he seems ok but I do trust both of their opinions.

Ladiesman is back playing, FINALLY, and we tussle out in TB a bit while I’m trying to quest.  I help an alliance rogue try to kill him but we were unable to.


though most people I’ve run into have said he’s a wuss, a cheater, etc.  It’s just using the rogue skills, to me.

I also ran a BWD with a pug with Almasi and Aster since our guild didn’t do that one, but it was a group that needed all the fights explained again, multiple wipes, and we only got two bosses, and it was clearly first kills for them.  It was nice to get some VP but I really don’t want to start over on these fights repeatedly.

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