Fel Reavers

Had a little fun today when going out looking for Buzzard Wings for cooking. and picked a fight with my favorite Fel Reaver


and, I always wondered, if you could kill that Pit Commander at the entrance to Outlands, and yes, at 85 yes you can.


I realize I far outlevel this guy, but I could have sworn his rain of fire did like 50k a tick which still made him quite difficult to solo.  But I did solo it with little issues on my disc spec.

We had WG tonight and we defended it and I ran into Rinni, who is friends with Ukko, and also on my 2’s team, and he asked if I wanted Ukko to come in. I said sure.  I did the techniques they do when they have the fort, and break up the vehicles then pop back in the fort to avoid getting beat down.

And so, ok, a few rants.  First, people that share accounts drive me a little nuts.  I message them and sometimes get “this isn’t so in so”  Ok well, if you both play the same character, or same server, how the hell would I know?  Or if they always play another server, I’ll just message them when I see them on my server, but if I then also get “I’m not him” HOW WOULD I KNOW??? Can you at least give me what characters you only play, on which servers, or when, something?  How was I supposed to know that So-in-so you usually play on Gorefiend, but is now playing on my server, on a different character, isn’t the person I wanted to talk to? Drives me nuts!

Second of all, people that are always broke and don’t know how.  Had a guy today in guild say that he’ll get 2k and the next day it’s gone.  How is it gone? Doesn’t know.  You must know, what are you buying?  Are you not doing dailies, dungeons, pvp, gathering? What?  And no don’t ask if anyone has “5k to spare” we don’t, ever, shut up.  Farm like I do.

And lastly, sometimes when I ask if people want to do a heroic, they join and then say “afk a few” or decline the role check.  Look, I’m a healer, I only have to wait around 5 minutes for a dungeon.  Adding a dps with no tank, just makes me wait LONGER.  If you then make me wait for you, before I can even queue, that kind of sucks.  Don’t join if you can’t go.  Today I was kind of in a bad mood from work so after they went “brb” so long they went afk I dropped group and pug’d it.  And I don’t like SFK because I always get lost.

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