Who can resist a Ladiesman?

Today the big thing was running TB several times, where I ran into Ladiesman and got sapped repeatedly at ICG, since for some reason ALL alliance ran off and left me there alone. There’s much trading of /kiss and such again too. I take it back to our little guard camp with a druid at one point, and try to kill him but he escapes like usual, and the druid does not even acknowledge that I saved him from death during one of the fights. In a battle later on I group up with Maice and try to kill him, after being repeatedly sapped and attacked RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR GUARDS, who did NOTHING, and he escapes. Rogues, oooh!

I did stun him mid-air on his bike though, which I wasn’t close enough to screenie, or fast enough, but it was pretty hilarious seeing someone stunned 3 feet off the ground.

I really don’t understand why a Horde can stand within 2 yards of a Baradin guard, attack an Alliance, and they just stand there, though.

Anyway tonight was raids and we did everything in BWD except the last one, then moved on to BoT up to and finished on the council. I picked up Brackish Gloves and Crown of Burning Waters, which earned me the Cataclysmically Epic achievement. For some reason, a person I don’t even know in guild sent me a message saying I’m sick and need serious help and that ‘you sir’ have a serious addiction. I reply back but they don’t say anything. It was just weird? I don’t know that person, at all. We also earned the Parasite Evening achievement during Magmaw.

Also I update my hair, like I did for my mage when she hit T10, on my priest in honor of that gear achievement.

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