Why is his claw sleeping?

Ran my TB dailies but didn’t get to the pvp ones before the battle started.  We defended it, then ran the other dailies with Rexe and another character whose name escapes me but said they knew me on Chmar and that I’ve saved them many times.

When the next battle comes up I pair up with Rexe again, we defend again, and I don’t die the entire battle.  I now have enough badges to get my DRAKE!


I switch from holy spec to disc too, and redo all my keybinds to be in a more logical order so when the game puts me in a vehicle or a gun, etc, they are on my most used keys rather than ones not in good locations.

Holy still has way, way more tools than disc does, but I am hoping with the new patch they boost us quite a bit.  There is also no reason to have 2 holy healers at a raid, among all the holy healers we already have.  I took the archangel build also to at least give me a few more options than bubble, to compensate for the loss of spirit of redemption, light well, circle of healing, guardian spirit, chakra and all the holy words… sigh.  Yes, this disc patch better be GOOD.

Anyway! Tonight we get down the first three bosses in Blackwing Descent, and Atramedes!  Then we try Chimaeron.


It’s one of those healing fights, ewww.  But it’s late, and we call it after a few attempts.

After that I get in on a TB, that we lost to the horde at some point, and we do not take it.  When the battle ends I pair up with a paladin named Wilks in killing a few horde on the way out, and I get thanked for healing and we take his chopper out, off the bridge and into the water. I comment that I wondered what would happen if you fell off the bridge and he said nothing, and you can just swim around to the Alliance camp.  Good to know, since some fall zones you just die (like in Outland).

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