I’m a manataur!

Haven’t had much to report lately.  The mage I disliked in Relentless is in this guild now, I ran a bunch of heroics to get my awesome “white wizard” helmet, and I spent time farming herbs a lot.  I LOL’d at this part in Uldum and started doing quests there


then went back to Deepholm to try to pick up on my quests there to work on Therazane rep.


Ran a TB battle where I tried to defend the South Spire, but the way the siege vehicles work is considerably different than in WG.  In there, one person could break the siege up in and the person driving it had to stay in it for it to move.  In TB you need 2-3 people beating on it for a good minute or so AND the driver can set it to attack a spire, hop out and defend it while the siege is still attacking the spire.  I agree with them having more health, but geez. A full double set of my normal shadow attacks barely got the thing to 85% health.

Ran a battle with Janusz and it’s really, really frustrating how many damn healers horde rolls with.  I think we were fighting against a rogue, 2 priests, and 2 paladins, all just healing, healing, healing.  I do enjoy smite healing even in pvp though.

Later on I ran battlegrounds by myself and we lose (gilneas), lose (strand), win (Twin Peaks), lose (AV). When someone says in battleground “I don’t want to do this any more” I totally agree.

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