PW Shield kind of sucks

Had a fun TB where we beat the horde to their GY and just camped it for a while. Did some herb farming but it got frustrating in Vashj’ir with too many other people collecting and only picked up like 10 herbs. Went to Deepholm where there were a lot more and did some more quests there.

At night we ran Blackwing again and I got Incineratus which helps my need for more haste. We got up to Atramedes but kept wiping then I had to go. I can’t do midnights on weekdays.

I will be going back to holy spec for now; my disc shield blocks about 12k damage, which is quite the joke. 12k is about what a non crit regular old Heal does. Even with a glyph’d Prayer of Mending, I can’t do enough raid wide healing to be much use.

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