Finished up the chain of Deepholm quests, and ran the dailies for Therazane.


Ran TB twice today as attacking and did not take it.  During one of the battles, a worgen named Shíggles starts carrying on about how TB is so easy to take, I say it’s not, in raid, and they decide to take the convo to pm’s.  Basically we’re in agreement that you need a coordinated group of people, preferably on voice comm, to take TB.  What I disagree on is that is it NOT EASY.  It’s not easy because even amounts of people have uneven jobs.  The defenders with 50 people need to only keep one base.  The attackers with 50 people (for example) have to take and keep THREE BASES.  That, is not easy.  Add to the fact that you are running around with people who may not be in pvp gear, probably not with the ideal amount of healers, with various people attempting to lead, and other lack of communication, it is NOT EASY.

But to me, bringing 50+ people that work well together, in itself, is not considered “easy”.  They then ask if I’ve heard of Rogue’s Vent, which no I have not.  Rather than telling me what that is they keep expressing shock and awe that I haven’t heard of it. I couldn’t find a thing on it, and they gave me the wrong url for it 3 times, only then could I locate anything about it.  I was willing to go into vent and speak about this more, but shortly after I kept saying their vent link didn’t work, they asked me to stop pming them and I said fine.

I mean, if it takes that much coordination and everyone in a vent server, I’ll do it.  But that, people, is not easy.

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