So I met this one rogue…

Yesterday I ran into that LadÎesman rogue and he started the blowing a kiss thing again, so we traded that back and forth for a while. I decided to hop on my horde after the battle just to send a note that I was impressed with his playing at the battles and he said it was nothing personal that he goes for healers first, and that it was fun. I agreed and said I expected anyone with sense to kill healers first. And for some reason he sent me 2 ruined embersilk scraps. Too bad you can’t loot bodies in TB like you could in WG, and get funny grey items like Broken I WIN button, crystallized tears, etc. I liked that little touch.

Tonight we ran BWD again and wiped right away a few times on Aramedes when Darth wasn’t doing, whatever needed to be done. The funny thing is, the time we got it he was dead like the entire battle, then dropped a hint that someone killed him with fire, rather than doing what the rest of us do and get OUT of the fire.

Then we tried the Chimaera again and several times got him down to between 160k and 800k health. I kid you got. SO CLOSE. Clearly, a disc priest doesn’t fly here. We called it without getting it because it was late, but I am positive we’ll get it tonight. We got it almost down at least 5 times.

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