Rogues are slippery

Today I log in to do 2’s and get in a TB battle, which we actually win! Couldn’t believe it.  Of course someone said the horde probably want to run TB on their Alliance alts, which.. would be lame.  Still, we got it.

Afterward we form up for BH and get that boss the first try. No cloth drops though.

Later I get on the next battle, and run in flagged just in time to get the win though, and run into my Ladiesman rogue, but the Alliance around me aren’t helping out so I die. To wear off the pvp flag I go stand in a group of these Alliance guards…


and as a horde runs past I stun them, and they run in to their deaths as they try to kill me.  Those TB guards, are no joke.  I know, they wreck my junk when I do the same thing on the Horde side.  However,  I had to laugh! Then twice my rogue “friend” runs in, once gets killed by the guards, and another time has to bail over the edge to get away from some alliance.  The third time I watch from my ring of guards, while he heads closer to the Alliance camp and stand flagged, on a rock looking down on our camp.  I forget to take a screenshot but since I am not flagged I just watch him on his motorcycle.  It must be a rogue thing, since Stout has the same one.  I had half a mind to stun with a Chastise and levitate down to my camp, but I figure I’d behave myself for once.

So! Tonight we did get Chimaeron


then went off to the last boss in this place




We also went on to kill Halfus, Valiona and Theralion in Bastion of Twilight.

I get a new pair of bracers too (Bracers of the Bronze Flight), so very happy, was wearing pvp bracers for a long while ><

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