This is why you don’t have to group up any more

Ran arena with Pauldie on his warlock, and got all our wins with only 2 losses, I think. Dispersion really failed me twice and I wasn’t pleased about that. Bought a new pvp off hand item after we maxed points.

After that ran a TB battle, and spent a good 15 mins at Slag with Rexe, running out of mp repeatedly killing horde over and over, didn’t even die that entire time. We kept it.

Did the pvp dailies, and I don’t understand why people don’t group up others clearly waiting for a quest mob in there. I always try to invite everyone waiting, it benefits everyone involved. Ran into Pauldie on Pauldie on the Peninsula and he helped me finish the dailies there too.

After that we did a heroic dungeon and I got new heroic shoulders. They were roughly an even trade from what I had on, BUT I traded the ones with crit strike rating which I didn’t really need, with haste rating, which I did need. After reforging some other gear, I am now nearly at my 12% haste rating that I was trying to get. And the new shoulders more match my new gear too

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