Yesterday I got in on a BH run with Pauldie, but plate and mail dropped. Spent some time doing busy work, cooking dailies, fishing, herbing, etc.

Today, same thing, herbing now that flasks take 8 of one herb, 8 of another, and 8 volatile life. I made one of the new Alchemy trinkets, Vibrant Alchemist stone which is MUCH improved over that first one that was of little use to us. That set me back quite a few volatile life though.

Anyway while I was out herbing and in the queue for TB, Soulprince throws me a group invite without as much as a hi or anything. I ask him what he wants and he says he needs a few heroic runs to get enough gear to get his ilevel to raid status. I will never run with him again after that Oculus disaster some time ago. I say no I am waiting for TB. He shows up at the TB battle and says hi, then asks me to heal BH. I said no. I’m not even going to let curiosity kill me this time and see how bad a heroic run would go.

Later he asks me about the heroics again and I said I would not run then, he asks why not I say I will not run heroics outside of the guild. He says ‘not even for a friend?’ and I flat out say not after that ghastly Oculus we we had some time ago. He just says “haha”

I mention to Jan that we need a word of some sort to identify people easily with this kind of behavior. You need to have several traits to fall into it, too. A few would be, inviting people to groups without asking first if they would like to do a group, repeatedly asking for things that are inconvenient for the person to just give away (transmute CD’s, cloth CD’s, flasks) without ever reciprocating in the least, asking for dungeon runs then being rude, pushy, or leaving halfway into it, and showing up to a raid missing all enchants, maybe a few gems, foodless, etc.

And better yet, to add to the douchery, neglect to eat buff food after someone fished up a ton for you. Stuff like that. He suggested “rtard” but it doesn’t feel severe enough.

Anyway tonight we tried 25man BWD and didn’t get it down. Got close once, but… well. We should know at least a few people who should not be invited back at this point.

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