Making Flasks

Went back to farming, and now that the flasks are 8/8/8 it seems like I get less Volatile life, but, I did make at least 15 flasks today so I am using a lot each time. However, it seems unbalanced a bit when I have a 36 herb bag 90% full and can’t make a flask.

We tried 2v2 arena with me as disc, since shields went from around 15k absorbed to 24k, but, it’s just not working out. The shields get ripped off me before I can put them up again, so I end up tanking 2 people until I die and we lose. We won 1 out of, like 4, and I was dead the entire time. Couldn’t outlive it even with Pain Suppression, breaking LoS, etc.

I need to run a dungeon, but I’m not pugging it, and really, I dislike dungeon runs these days. I’d much rather raid.

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