Soo today, and pictures later, I did all my TB dailies, all the Therazane ones, ran 2 TB battles, didn’t get in 2 battles.  Had some fun standing near the guards in TB again and running out to help alliance kill flagged horde.  I spent some time with Maice teasing one called Rayslayz, almost killing each other back and forth for several minutes, while throwing out my kisses.  After Maice left I continued to do so but neither one of us died.   I already knew you could stand by the guards and still get ranged attacked, but a boomkin today was going fing NUTS on me with moonfire while the guards stood there idle.  Seems quite bogus.

However later a shaman tried the same trick, and I just ran over to him and the guards kicked his ass, then another horde did the same, and got a beat down.

I went in two WG battles, and the funny thing is, it was Leonz and I to start, both times.


After that he shows me this outfit, which is AWESOME.


We do Bastion of Twilight and get the council bosses down, and I really liked that fight. I went disc for that since for once, there wasn’t an insane amount of full raid damage.  then head to Cho’gall.



At this point it’s around 11:40, and a bit after midnight I need to go, and some other people too so we call it.  I earned a nice purple necklace, Valiona’s Medallion to replace a blue I still had from the twin dragons, earlier in the raid.  I also pick up Heavenly Breeze, an epic 359 cloak, and enchant it.

Speaking of enchants, I am a little surprised at the number of level 85’s running around missing 5-7 enchants on their gear.  You will be missing a significant amount of important stats, missing that many bonuses to your gear.  Another item of note is people that have no idea what to enchant.  I helped a priest last night fill the 7 missing enchants, Shafoxx, and as of this morning the items are enchanted, according to wowarmory.  I think that was simply a matter of needing to know what to get.

Brdlady on the other hand, was missing 5 enchants last night and when I asked if she took care of that, said she was just missing a robe enchant, but as of right now (12+ hours later), is still missing 5.  We also got into a discussion how mages have no business rolling on spirit gear any more.  It use to be slightly acceptable in Wrath since you got bonuses to Molten Armor for spirit, but that is no longer the case.  The only reason to do so, would be if no one in the group needed the item, and the mage was using like… a green, or something.   She said she wanted it to boost her item level so she could raid with us, but I pointed out we aren’t blinded by ilevel and will be looking at gear too.  I, once again, don’t expect her to last long.

The raid tonight was 10 man, which I do prefer, but I would like to see us in 25 man to get everyone who wants to come in.  However that doesn’t mean taking people improperly geared, since that just means everyone else has to carry them.  That won’t work out.

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