That’s not how things work

The short of it, I was right, Brdlady left guild today after bitching about not getting in raids, after her friend Shafoxx threw a fit and also left. This was during a raid so most of us didn’t have time to properly address the bitching, either.  Jan was trying to explain the logistics of why you don’t swap out new people into a raid all the time, but they didn’t care.


The difference there was she was at a 25 man raid, and we were doing 10.  Obviously everyone that wants to go, can’t go when you need to drop 15 people.

Ok, you go “plug it better”.  Pugging these raids, right now, won’t work, but GL with that.


We got down the Conclave of Wind, and all but the last boss in BWD.  No cloth dropped, and I recorded Atramedes, but we’ll see how that gets put together since my screen is kind of spazy looking around for people to heal and bubble.

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