Dark Animus Trash

This week we got up to Dark Animus but that fight is a mess and we wiped a bunch on the trash.


These guys? UTTER BS.  Had to put out like 120k hps for it.

Otherwise we 2 shot Murumu and 2-3 shot that guy after him.  There’s been so many bosses lately I can’t remember the names. Anyway I got the staff off Ji-kun and a new ring off Murumu when Alyis passed on it, presumably because he’s going to quit, which he said he was going to today.  So that’s a loss of 2 heals in a rather short period of time but we’re still stuck with Dor.

We did guild rbgs and it went quite well, won 4-5 and I capped quick enough that I did a few on my druid. We had a warrior who pvps a lot so that helped.


And this is annoying when I’m top dps in a dungeon as heals.  By a lot.

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