I’ve never had the Blue Crystal this long

We did DS on my pally last night, with Jynx on his new shaman and Bella. It took 45!!!! minutes to get going mostly due to Lila’s mic not working. Jynx (Umpy) did fine, he just needs moar gear. Bella, gosh. His top 3 heals on Morchok were pw shield, divine aegis, and renew. RENEW. /facepalm

I told him to stop that. And yes, he’s still disc with my pvp spec.

On Ultraxion I wishfully said aloud, after saying who to take what gems “I’ll take blue but if we are SO awesome we may not even get there”. Uh huh. Dps was so bad we nearly hit enrage, I don’t think I’ve ever had blue THAT long.

We got boat down then one person was just like “gotta go bye” and Switch/Scuba did the same. I ended up with Seal of the Seven Signs and normal tier pants.

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