When Dungeons were hard

Last night got in on a heroic Stonecore raid, and yeah ok heroic 5 mans are harder than a lot of the ICC 10 and 25 man raids. You stand in the wrong spot, one shot, don’t jump during a slam, one shot, stand in junk for 2 seconds only to run out and have more junk spawn under your feet, one shot. We also got the Rotten to the Core achievement in there.

That entire run didn’t drop a single cloth or healing related item either, so that was screwy.

After that we ran old instances I don’t believe I’ve ever done like Stockades, which I did not do on this character, heroic Hellfire Ramparts, Heroic Shattered Halls, Heroic Blood Furnance. I dungeon’d my entire way through this character, so I had very poor Outland rep so I had to change to the mage to do the rest.

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