Sassy Cat

Ok first off, I want this cat as a pet.


so back to questing, the red dragon I saved is now flying about knocking Twlight Skyterrors out of the sky which I then take out on the ground.


She’s clearly PISSED.  I mean, that much is obvious since she had been chained down in the midst of many other mangled red dragon bodies too.  I also free elementals that turn friendly and attack enemies for me.


I take out some other guys, once forgetting to downgrade them to something I can kill and one steamrolls me in about 2 seconds.


and this, GIANT water elemental starts some quests.


like killing this guy


and helping these dwarves, who yes, were drowned by being hooked to anchors, or in a cage, at the bottom of the lake, to talk.


later on I get to take a roller coaster mine cart ride into some caves.


I’d hate to see another Fantasy Isle, but that might be fun as a regular thing you could do XD

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