Oh gosh, I’ve been behind in updates.  I will get the pictures up after I write this all down.

First I have me in showing off my winter gear to Stout!


Then in Tol Barad I am unfortunately surrounded by flagged Horde who are childishly spitting on me and making rude remarks and such.


To stop the abuse I use one of those neat Lifegiving Seeds and turn into a bush, which they cannot target so the spitting stops.  XD


When the battle starts I run around and find Janusz, and I have to account for him running around in stealth a lot by making it not as obvious I’m traveling with someone.


We win that one, but I don’t think it’s quite as fun as WG.  I spent a lot of time in the swamp hogging up all the Whiptail, which I sell on the AH for 400g A STACK.  Of course the next day, the stack prices are greatly reduced, which is the way of the market.  Still I made at like 2k off of that, which is good because I spent a lot of money getting the last 10 points for my mages tailoring.

That night I form up with Stout and Lladin and we attempt to do Heroic Deadmines.   The first tank is a bear that I can barely keep alive spamming the balls out of Greater Heal, Penance and shields.  He drops after the first boss.

The second bear tank gets in, pulls a whole room and there is no outhealing that and we all die.  He says he thought it was regular Deadmines and I “seriously?”‘d that and Lladin made similar unbelieving comments and the tank left.


Then we got a warrior named Onehitdan and I am able to use the stupid efficient Heal quite a bit.  And people need to shut up and stop telling me to use that heal, when I clearly know it won’t work.  I am well versed in estimating incoming damage and speed vs strength/ power, and speed of my own heals from Lineage 2.   If a tank goes from 90% to 70 to 50 in the matter of seconds, I have to use my 2.3 second Greater Heal to heal for 20-30k if Penance is down or if more heals are needed.  A 2.3 seconds 5-10k heal is not going to cut it.  In both cases with the bear tanks I needed spam Gheals just to keep them from dying.  A lower powered heal of the same speed, wouldn’t have worked.  So dps? Be QUIET.

On the third boss we wiped about 3 times, and I wasn’t in the mood so I said I had to go.  I ended up running 2-3 bgs with Jan where we get this compliment.


the thanks in the picture was to me for healing that person when they were almost dead, from atop the ledge in this room.

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