Grim Batol

Today I logged in and ran Twin Peaks bg and we won, earned 198 honor, and earned two achievements, Drag a Maw and Twin Peaks Perfection. I wait in the Tol Barad queue for about 14 mins and do not get in right away, and rather than wasting time waiting for it I queue up for a normal dungeon.

I get an in progress Grim Batol. They comment after the first boss, on how bad the other healer was.


We do ok until the last boss where half the dps clearly doesn’t know the right and are not getting in the center of the shadow gale thing. We wipe, then the boomkin leaves, which is fine because they are under 5k dps anyway. We get that boss down.

Leonz tells me he wants an invite to the guild so I do so. We then run Tol’vir together. One paladin down, one more to go XD  The DK tank is lagging like hell but Leonz picked up the slack and tanks all the laggy spots, and we finish it even with the tank dead.  Sometime during this I hit Revered with Hyjal so I can go pick up the head enchant

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