Math is hard, guys

Ok, tailoring rant.  Why is it people cannot do math? I had someone ask for a tailor in SW today, I responded and linked my tailoring.  They want frostweave bags made.  Well, one bag requires..

6 imbued frostweave bolts and 2 Eternium Thread

1 imbued bolt takes 2 regular bolts and 2 infinite dust

1 regular bolt takes 5 cloth

so one bag takes 60 cloth (12 bolts) plus 12 Infinite dust (2 bolts + 2 infinite dust = 1 imbued bolt) plus 2 eternium thread.  They say they have 160 cloths.  That’s not enough to make a bag by itself but you can make 2 bags that way if they also have the other mats.  They say they want 12 bags.  We’re looking at 720 cloth, 144 infinite dusts and 24 thread.  They express their amazement and stop messaging me after that.  Yes thanks for wasting my time not knowing how to craft things.

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