Box Head

The other day I did some more quests and this one is just a funny prop.


Tonight I queue up for a regular random and get Tol’Vir.  We kill the first boss then the entire party leaves, leaving me to queue up and wait again.  The entire party was all from Stormreaver: Forceflexx, Sarkastik, Vicken, and Ravn, You ALL SUCK.

After that I queue up with Leonz and two other guildies, who specifically ask to do normal for a quest.  Fine.  We finish HoO then they want to queue again, only after waiting like 10 mins or whatever, both of them go afk, don’t confirmt the boxes and we lose the queue. I got pissed and pointed that out and they said maybe they’d do it later.  I leave group in a huff, I won’t lie.

I group up with Octo and Jan to do bgs and we get Arathi, and midway through they leave to queue Tol Barad, which I hadn’t queued for, and I got bitchy again.  I’m not having a good night.  I stay in that stupid battle and we lose.  Alliance… god.  We suck, tonight, seriously. Fuck.

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