Spamming Ice lance

Since I need to hit 84 to get my tailoring patterns, I hit the quests with a vengeance.  I also did a bunch of battlegrounds but we won like 1 out of 6 so that wasn’t doing me much good.  I hit 83 today.  I also dropped out of Relentless on this character and even with about 6 people online in the guild at the time, no one even commented on it.   I asked Jan to invite me into my current guild and there I be now!

A few out in Deepholm involve tethering and beating a dragon, and since Ice Lance is hax I can just run circles around the dragon spamming it like crazy.


I took a shot of it, however it really doesn’t do it justice, but one of the quests has you tunneling through the ground, into a cave and drops you off near the boss you need.  It was pretty cool, and I’ve not seen a mechanic like that before.

Later on I set this warp gate on fire, which is similar to one I remember seeing in Scholazar Basin and also, Un’Goro, I beleive.


and I wish I could have these orbs floating around me all the time.


these are elemental wards I picked up to kill a boss who has the powers of fire, water, etc.  Yes, like the Avatar on the Last Airbender, like that. Reminds me of cubics in Lineage 2.

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