Today I busted ass with a vengeance to get to the point I could learn the patterns Dontpuntme needs.  I finished up the entire Deepholm chain, and what an awesome bunch of stuff that was.


A lot of it revolves around solving conflicts with the stone guys that live down here.  Oh and their wicked fat brood mother.


Apparently this one doesn’t need looks nor a personality, as Stout pointed out accurately.

This little guy was just adorable.


and it didn’t come out well in the shot, but at one point you collect bat wings or parts for him, and once you are done he’s seen running around carrying like 10 of them, like 10x the size of himself.  It was quite amusing. Speaking of, lol!


I had a fun little romp with this guy, chasing him all over a cave.  It’s amazing that a quest involves almost as much awareness as some raids, like this one did, chasing after him, avoiding explosions, etc.


and escorting these guys around was cute.


and before I keep saying all this cute stuff, I’d like to point out that lacking anyone to heal when in spirit form on my priest, I spit on horde.  Jan told me that was “classy”.  Well, they deserve it!

Anyway then it went on to an awesome chase on a dragon after another dragon, and fortunately I am ranged so I kept spamming Ice Lance most of the trip.


And this guy, like the lady, had a voice.  Why, hello there, what a fantastic name.


the battle in the temple was flat out EPIC and I managed to snap off a few shots.


After I beat that lady down, again (who btw had a great quote of “I’m not that easy, hon”) I am phased in with Stout and I can see his awesome mount,  jealous.  I R jealous.


I rush through the Twilight Highland beginning quests and I figured Stout would like this shot.


I get to the point I can buy the patterns, and I am thankful Dreamcloth is BoP.  It’s about time tailors were given some control over their patterns and production so that a single tailor can’t ruin sales for most of the server.

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